Monday, October 22, 2012

DAY 34
(May 27)
Episode 6

It’s Sunday morning, the sky’s are clear.  Again I drew the rune Ehwaz, the horse.   It is such beautiful country up here, it is how I imagine Iceland to look; barren and rocky in spots, mountains jutting up everywhere as if the earth beneath them were in pain, stunted trees that live in spite of the environment…all beautiful.  My soul recognizes this place.

We took a boat out to a rocky island in the artic sea.  I am on the blue team with Austin, Jonathan, and Amy.  We met Henriette and found out what our challenge was; we were to fish little wooden clues out of a pond, there were words on the clues, we then had to arrange the words correctly and say it back to Henriette.  I already knew the phrase would be what Henriette said to us upon our arrival;  “What would we do without the ocean, would we have to carry our boats?”  We totally kicked ass on that part of the competition, everyone contributed and it worked out great.  The second part of the challenge was to gather 10 seagull eggs.  The weather rolled in then, extreme weather, it was so bad they had to abort filming for a while to save the equipment.  So, we will quit for the day and do the second part of the challenge tomorrow, as well as the second team challenge…whatever that is.

DAY 35
(May 28)
Episode 6

This morning I drew Fehu, first time since leaving home; fire, cattle, mobile wealth.  We went back to the island and did the seagull egg hunt.  It was fun, I enjoyed it,  the other team won this part so they will have a slight advantage in the next competition.  When we got back we had the opportunity to then eat the seagull eggs.  I enjoyed them; they are the size between a chicken egg and a duck egg, but very tasty. Their shell is a dull olive green with black flecks to help them blend in and not be seen by predators.  Now we are getting ready for the second team challenge.

4 seconds…….holy crap!!........Hail Freya!!  The challenge was making a little meal in the most horrible conditions.  They had a wind machine blowing on us with water and sawdust to resemble snow.  We had to peel shrimp, make little sandwiches, pour and drink a glass of wine without letting anything blow away or dropping anything.  When the last person was done eating and drinking the time would stop. 

Our team worked really well together, at the end I had a hard time swallowing but I got it done.  The other team had an advantage of 5 peeled shrimp and we still won…Awsome!!  I am going to episode 7 for sure.

I feel bad for the red team, especially Jessica; she has been in every individual competition since we began.  That has to be tough on her emotionally and mentally, but she is Norwegian, she can handle it.

Tonight the little town of Kjerringøy is throwing us a dock party.  It will be on film so probably won’t be as cool as the party in Starnda, but still very nice.  It was fun, turned out they even had some live music playing and people were dancing, it was very nice chatting with the locals, I met some really nice people there.

Tomorrow my team is going up in a little tiny plane to see the area from the air as our reward, I am excited…I think Amy and Jonathan are a little worried, it will be great!

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