Friday, October 26, 2012

DAY 36
(May 29)
Episode 6

This morning I drew Thurisaz, the thorn, Thor, the force of my will…it could have many meanings, we’ll see how the day unfolds.

Today the blue team; Jonathan, Austin, Amy and myself left at 0830, we traveled by bus and ferry back to Bodø, to the airport.  There we met our pilot Bjørn, he was a very nice guy and seemed like a competent person…which is important because he would soon have my life in his hands.  He took us to our plane, it was a little 5 seater plane with two engines, I don’t think I have ever been on a plane this small before.  Of course, prior to getting on a plane like this one always considers the possibility of it crashing, I am no different.  The result of my thinking about it was that if that were to happen, if this was to be my last day in Midgard…I couldn’t really think of a better way to die; in Norway, over a fjørd.  I was fine with that and any small amount of fear I had vanished.  After all, I’m going to die one day anyway, it’s inevitable…out of all the possible ways to die there are many less preferable than this one.  I am a firm believer that I will die exactly when I am supposed to, as long as all the people in my life know how I feel about them, I can always meet death with no regrets.  So lets get on the plane!!

We wore headsets so we could hear each other talking…or screaming as the case may be.  Amy and Jonathan seemed pretty nervous, but Austin and I were just excited.  We took off, flying low along the coastline.  The view was truly awe inspiring!  The plane was constantly fish-tailing in the heavy winds like a car driving too fast on an icy road, I looked at Bjørn and could tell he was used to that.

We were headed towards Kjerringøy where we had been staying.  We traveled up a little fjørd and saw the ferry we had taken earlier, we rounded a big, jagged, snowy mountain, a bit too close I think because we seemed to run out of air; the plane dropped straight down 50 feet in a second like there was nothing holding it up for a moment.

Then we continued on to the place we had been staying, we circled it a few times in both directions, it is a much different perspective from the air.  Then we started heading back out over the big fjørd.  On the way back I saw the camera guy Jan Kenneth making some hand signals to the pilot then suddenly, the nose of the plane was pointed straight down toward the sea.  We plummeted straight down for I would say 30 or 40 meters before starting to climb out of it, then we went straight upward to the sky for about 100 meteres…then we went straight down and did it all again.  At the bottom of the dip we were pulling 3 G’s, which meant I weighed about 750 pounds for a minute…the whole thing was awesome!  I loved it!

We eventually landed again safe and sound.  Jonathan had turned green…I mean he was actually green in color and I am not exaggerating.  He was quite ill, but he never thew up.  I was worried he would throw up during the plane ride…that would have been awful; because then we all would have thrown up.  But he didn’t, so it was fine.

After the thrilling plane ride we were taken back to where we were staying for some interviews, that is about all that happened today.  Tomorrow, one of my friends will have to leave and go back to America.  It will be an interesting day.

DAY 37
(May 30)
Episode 6

This morning I drew Isa; ice, which makes sense because I am in stasis today, I’m not going anywhere.

We don’t have anything to do until 1215 except wait while the others go through their competition.   While I was waiting I decided to do a rune draw in which I asked the norns who would go home today.  I drew Fehu.  Immediately I associated that with female energy, even though there were two women in the elimination somehow I just knew that it would be Tara who would be eliminated.  No matter who it is, it will still be sad to see them leave.

The runes never lie; Tara was eliminated, losing to Todd by one point in the challenge.  She seemed pretty ok with it, she hadn’t really been herself completely since Dana had gone home…and now she could go and be with him.  I will miss her very much though, her and I had some great talks, she is a great person.

Today Alt for Norge history was  made when Jessica received the spirit award for the second time. No doubt because she had been in every elimination challenge and managed to keep her spirits up in spite of it.  It is a game changer though; she has immunity next week, the field of people is getting smaller and smaller. 
Episode 6 comes to a close...Tomorrow we are off to a new adventure.

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